This is a checklist of recommended actions in Call of Mini: Zombies. FYI this game gets a bit grindy if you don't pay for things.

Campaign Mode: always get the free stuff.

  • Whenever you do a "Day 1, 2" etc mission, notice that after some time, four crates (boxes) will fall from the sky. These boxes are usually at the four corners of the map, and make it a point to get them. They will leave either ammo, money, health, or release a dog zombie. Pick up ammo and money as soon as you can, and leave health there if you don't need it so you can grab it when you do.

Buy the character Pixel Hero ASAP.

  • The starting character, Joe Blo has terrible stats and is not worth leveling up. Pixel Hero is really cheap to buy, and the only disadvantage is that unlike the other characters his level maxes out at 30. This won't be any trouble at all for a long time.

Buy the Winchester 1200 as soon as you get the money.

  • The MP5 shoots in a straight line so it can only hit one enemy at a time. But the Winchester shoots *everyone* in front of you for a limited range! Plus, when you level it up the Winchester clears enemies very quickly, and speed becomes very useful when...

Once Pixel hero gets to level 5, start doing Survival missions up to Wave 4.

  • Boost Items are really handy, and none more handy than the Mini-HP Potion. But even at $2,500 per use, this will create a burning hole in your pocket compared to, say, getting them for FREE by beating Wave 3 in survival mode!
  • Stick to doing Survival in the smallest maps, Underground BioLab or Arena. Since time is limited in survival mode they will save you the most time. Arena has the fewest obstacles, but they don't drop any crates.

Once Pixel Hero is level 10, start experimenting with VS Mode.

  • As tempting as it is Boss Raids are really difficult and will take a LOT of patience to do. On the other hand, VS Mode is pretty much a deathmatch where everyone shoots each other!
  • It's not really fair if you're low leveled, but if you swallow your piece of humble pie you are awarded $2,000 per kill which makes it very lucrative. But if you see anyone using expensive characters (such as Charlemagne or Constantine) or using top of the line premium weapons (usch as PGM) it's best to just leave.
  • Normal Mode has achievements that will give you more cash, but as a result there are more hardcore players there. Try to stick to Pixel Mode when you start.
  • There are Boost Items all over the VS battle field! Remember where they are and grab them.

Aim to get the RPG or the Pixel RPG.