Boost Items are one use items special properties that can be used once, then is lost. Each player can carry as many boost items as they want, but they can only have up to two kinds at a time. In VS mode, boost items spawn all over the field.

Cash Boost ItemsEdit

  • Mini-HP Potion
  • Resotres 300 HP
  • Can be earned for free by defeating Wave 3 in Survival Mode in any map.
  • Damage Boost
  • Doubles Damage
  • Can be earned for free by defeating Wave 7 in Survival Mode in any map.

Premium Boost ItemsEdit

  • HP Potion
  • Restores full HP
  • Shield
  • Reduces damage taken by 90% for 10 seconds
  • Cloaking
  • Turn invisible for 20 seconds. (Ineffective against zombies)
  • Get huge
  • Enlarges your size and increases maximum HP for 15 seconds.
  • Note: your HP is multiplied greatly, even low level players are practically invincible during this time.
  • Firebomb
  • Rain bombs on everyone. Take cover, you'll get hurt too.
  • Note: There is a long start up time, but this is the most damaging weapon in the game.

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